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As real estate professionals, taking the maintenance of safe and sustainable buildings very seriously is simply part of what we do. While that holds true for all of our commercial and residential brokers and agents, it’s especially relevant for the West & Woodall Property Management team. Since May is Building Safety Month, we’re taking a look at why building safety is such an important part of what they do for their commercial property clients.

Chris Hawkes
Chris Hawkes

The Importance of Building Safety

Building safety is ultimately all about the safety of the people inside the buildings. If the structure itself isn’t safe, the people inside it aren’t either. As president of the West & Woodall Property Management Division Chris Hawkes says, “The safety of our tenants and in the case of commercial clients, their customers, is number one in terms of priorities for us.”

When thought about in that way, building safety becomes much more than just making sure that a structure and its physical environment are up to code or can pass inspection. Safety is about helping to protect the health, wellbeing, and livelihoods of anyone who enters those buildings or their premises.

Top Building Safety Responsibilities for Property Management

While building safety is a broad category that covers many components, here’s a look at some of the top responsibilities for our property management team.

  • Fire Department inspections. This includes making sure that emergency exits are marked properly and that exit lights are installed in case of fire and the building loses power.

  • Carbon monoxide (CO) detectors for residential units that have gas furnaces or gas appliances. CO is hazardous in confined spaces and is hard to detect without a sensor.

  • Building repairs and maintenance.

  • Annual backflow prevention device testing for plumbing. Backflow is when contaminated water reverses flow and enters clean water lines. Since the dirty water may contain hazardous materials, the testing of devices that prevent this from happening is required every year for apartment buildings, restaurants, and other public places.

  • Meeting Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Act requirements and safety expectations in older buildings.

  • Educating tenants about safety protocols and what to do in case of an emergency.

  • Providing emergency alerts to tenants if needed.

  • Maintaining property security. This includes signage, lights, cameras, and ensuring tenant privacy where appropriate.

Bottom Line on Building Safety and Our Property Management Services

West & Woodall Real Estate has been managing properties in the Raleigh-Durham area for more than a decade. Whether it’s industrial, commercial, mixed-use, or multi-family, our team is well-equipped to provide worry-free management services for owners, landlords, and tenants. At the heart of these services is our commitment to ensuring the safety of the buildings and properties that are entrusted to us so that the people inside them are safe as well.

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