We are equipped to walk with property owners and developers throughout the development and construction process. From site evaluation and design, to property management and leasing, we are well acquainted with the challenges of developing property in the Triangle Area.

  • Site Evaluation and Selection: With a wealth of expertise and access to the latest technological tools in commercial real estate, we help developers choose the right property to maximize its potential.
  • Design: We have unique experience in pre-construction services such as site and architectural design.
  • Budgeting: We will work with the architect and GC to establish a feasibility budget early in the process.
  • Permitting: Two decades of pre-construction experience navigating the permitting process.
  • Project Management & Construction Management: Two decades of experience keeping projects on time and within budget.
  • Tenant Management and Leasing: We work closely with property owners and developers to find the right tenants and add long-term value to the asset.

Whether it is a simple upfit, or complex construction project, our unique combination of development and construction experience is unsurpassed in the Triangle area.