Pickett Sprouse Commercial Real Estate Facilitates Lease

Dwell, a new locally-owned home and lifestyle shop, is set to open on November 25, or Black Friday, in downtown Hillsborough to help support the creation of restful and inspiring spaces against the backdrop of everyday life. First-time business owners Bonne and Kyle Cecil are opening the shop in approximately 750 square feet of space at 107 North Churton Street. Pickett Sprouse Commercial Real Estate broker Emilee Collins, CCIM represented the Cecils in leasing the space, which is owned by AEC Holdings.

Dwell is a specially curated home + life shop that blends new items with vintage finds all in one inspiring space. It stocks such items as candles, house plants, plant stands, planters, kitchen linens, locally-made pottery, vintage furniture, throws, baskets, and much more.

As the parents of four children whom they homeschool, the Cecils get the inspiration for the products they stock from their own life.

“I believe in the power and beauty of home – not for what the space looks like but rather for all the mundane, wonderful life that happens in it,” said Cecil. “I believe in the place where we host people for lingering meals, where books are scattered, and creativity is happening. I believe that your home should be a reflection of you and your people and what matters most to you. Through Dwell, I want to help other families create welcoming spaces where their lives can unfold in a messy but beautiful way.”

The Cecils signed the three-year lease for the space in October and have spent the time since then upfitting it by refinishing existing hardwood floors, resurfacing ceilings and updating light fixtures while maintaining the historic value of the property.

“Bonne has a vision for a retail store that’s so much more than just selling products,” said Emilee Collins. “With the bright and classy improvements she is making to the space, she is creating an inviting destination for shoppers and visitors in downtown Hillsborough. Dwell will be a great complement to the other downtown merchants as it’s unlike any other concept in our area.”